WorldMUN 2010: Taipei

The WorldMUN 2010 Delegation

A delegation of students will be leaving to Taipei, Taiwan, where they will represent Texas A&M International University at the Harvard World Model United Nations Conference.

The conference, which will take place March 14-18, invites students from around the globe to represent different countries and present pertinent issues within their country. These issues are separated into distinct categories where each of the delegates is responsible for presenting meaningful solutions.

The delegation itself is composed of seven TAMIU students who are representing Mexico. The delegates include: Castillo and Anuron Mandal, representing Disarmament and Security Council, Cynthia Gallardo, the Head Delegate and International Monetary Fund, Mark Andrew Garner, representing the World Health Organization, Alexis Hurtado and Alejandra Ovando, representing the Historical General Assembly, and Kaylene Rojas, representing the NGO Global Security Institute.

In order to participate in the conference, delegation members went through a rigorous application process which included an essay, interview and two letters of recommendation. WorldMun is sponsored by the Division of International Programs as well as the Office of the Provost. Directors for WorldMun include Dr. Jaime Ortiz and Jannet Garcia.

The members of WorldMun meet at least once a week and conduct research on their issues within their committee. They also learn parliamentary procedures, using this experience as an opportunity to enrich their academic goals.

“I’m representing the World Health Organization, where we are discussing tropical diseases and medical tourism, so this definitely prepares me with what I’m hoping to do in the future, and that’s working with Doctors Without Borders,” Garner stated.

The delegation is at a huge advantage; living in Laredo, a border city, allows for first-hand results of the issues faced in Mexico.

“For the international monetary fund, it’s very beneficial for me to ask a professor here at TAMIU over his experience with Mexico,” said Gallardo. Along with those attending the conference, the delegation will also explore the Taiwanese culture and attend social events conducted by WorldMun.

“That feeling that you get from going to a new place makes this trip and this conference all the more fulfilling.” Mandal continued “Because that is a large reason why we’re going, so that we can see this new place and experience this new culture.”

Another aspect of WorldMun is the Social Venture Challenge, a program where students suggest a project for the challenges faced internationally and implement solutions within the delegations’ own community.

“Two of our delegates are hoping to propose a project to help pregnant women and provide services for them. For instance, free doctor check-ups and services while they are going through the pregnancy process. We were hoping to start a non-profit organization. With Social Venture you make a presentation and go through a panel of judges. If you win, you receive $3,000 to begin the organization,” explained Garner.

The TAMIU delegation and the other delegates from around the world hope to discuss and find the best results for important issues faced at an international level.  “We try to come up with a resolution in the end by combining all of our ideas together within our different committees,” explained Gallardo.

TAMIU students are greatly encouraged to apply for the next WorldMun Conference.

“Any student attending TAMIU should consider applying for this opportunity because you will never get a chance to gain global perspective from someone from that country, living in that culture. Everyone should definitely apply,” said Rojas.


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